At AceXL, our tuition centres are the hub of our activities, and huge numbers of students attend them on a weekly basis. We have tuition centres throughout the West Midlands, all of which provide the same high-quality standards and fantastic educational opportunities to all students, and we are also always looking for new and exciting locations, in order to expand our services even further.

Currently, we offer tuition centres in five different locations, and these are:

All of our tuition centres offer a vast range of different courses, ranging from our Early Birds course, which is designed for the youngest of children, through to GCSE preparation and exam crash courses. What’s more, each tuition centre is fully staffed by knowledgeable and experienced tutors, all of whom have been fully vetted before being allowed to carry out any work with children. This means that, regardless of the tuition centre you choose, your child will always be looked after perfectly, and you can be sure that they will be completely safe at all times.

But what exactly does each tuition centre contain? Well, each of them is outfitted with the very latest materials needed in order to provide the highest standard of education. This means that each has a carefully selected and comprehensive range of educational materials, and that each also has a wide range of technology, which any student can use to improve their educational experience. This technology includes items such as computers and tablets, and all students will also be able to access online teaching materials from anywhere, including their own home.

All classrooms are specifically limited to only a certain number of students, so that we can concentrate on providing the highest levels of individual care and attention. In schools, the classes are often so large that some children get left behind, or don’t get the attention they need from teachers, but this doesn’t happen at AceXL. Every student will be able to get one-to-one tuition when necessary, and no student will ever find themselves left behind or held back by other students in the class.

We know that the decision to enrol your child in one of our tuition centres is a big one, which is why we ensure that you are kept in the loop as much as possible. We welcome visits from any parents keen to see how we work, and will also provide parents with detailed progress reports on their children. We are also happy to speak with parents of prospective students at length, either on the phone or in person, prior to them deciding to enrol their child at one of our tuition centres.

We know that all of our tuition centres provide the perfect environment for your children to learn and thrive. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us if you would like to find out more about any aspect of our services here at AceXL.