AceXL provides academic tuition for clients throughout the UK with a commitment to pushing children above the national standard.

The Tuition market has become increasingly homogeneous, with the need for innovation and integrity becoming increasingly evident. Throughout centres nationally, children are expected to work through a relentless number of worksheets, with very little help. The element of teaching has been replaced with forcing children to remember the format of questions rather than understanding the necessary fundamentals, crucial to their long-term academic success.

AceXL reinforce traditional forms of learning. They believe the concept of teaching has gradually stripped away, with companies concerned with no more than maximising profit. Leaving children to their own devices; tuition companies have lowered the standard of learning and given a false impression of progression.

AceXL seek to revolutionise teaching. AceXL continue to use innovative methods of teaching with the use of “child specific” material and platforms. Progression charts allow AceXL to tailor material specifically aimed at targeting the individual student’s weakest points whilst building on their strengths. AceXL aim to give every child the attention they deserve and require, to ensure results rather than treat the education system like a numbers game.

Research has shown students respond better to recent graduates and young teachers, and there is no direct link to prove experience in teaching guarantees results. Thus, AceXL pride themselves of offering young tutors who have successfully completed their vigorous training program. Tutors are available at all times and become the families personal point of contact, with any enquires or assistance they or their child require. Education is not a part-time job.

With strong external links, AceXL are able to offer a number of services including; 1-1 tuition, group tuition, and exam crash courses where the concept of teaching is not lost. Through a number of low-income scholarship programs, AceXL have helped families secure grammar school places and improve their Maths and English skills. Offered to families yearly; children of all backgrounds are given a fair chance to succeed.

Throughout the year AceXL regularly donate to children's charities and offer all registered parents the chance to join them in raising money for underprivileged children. The AceXL Ball is an annual event open to the public and registered AceXL families, to indulge in an evening of laughter and great entertainment, with all proceeds given to charity. The aim is to attack the growing education gap between high and low-income families.