Have you suddenly realised that you’re not at the required level before your exam? Or perhaps you are a parent, and are getting worried that your child won’t be prepared for their Eleven Plus or GCSEs? If so, our exam crash courses could be the perfect answer for you. They come complete with a comprehensive guarantee that you or your child will meet all expected levels, and are some of the most popular courses offered here at AceXL.

But what exactly are our exam crash courses? Well, they are a condensed version of an entire syllabus, designed specifically to deliver the most important pieces of information a candidate is required to know. While it would be impossible to fit absolutely everything from the National Curriculum into such a short space of time, our experience allows us to pinpoint the areas that a candidate has to be especially proficient in, and therefore give them everything needed to successfully get through their exam.

Our exam crash courses can essentially be split into two different parts, with the first being the teaching phase. During this, our team of expert tutors will impart their knowledge to all candidates, ensuring that every candidate fully understands a topic before moving on to a new subject. While being taught, we will use a points system to evaluate the learning achieved by a candidate, and we also find that this points system is incredibly effective when it comes to motivating students to work harder to achieve their goals.

In order to gain further insight into a student’s progress, we also simulate a number of exams, which are set to the exact specifications of the particular syllabus they are studying. These mock exams are then marked to the same standards as the real thing, and we use the results to identify areas that need to be worked on prior to the exam.

While the mock exams are challenging, we also make sure that the support is available for pupils who don’t reach their goals, and immediately set about encouraging them and rebuilding their confidence. Once they have sat a few mock exams, they should then feel far more confident when it comes to sitting the real thing, which will only serve to improve the grades that they are able to get.

Our most popular exam crash course is for those about to take the Eleven Plus, and covers all of the different subjects contained in this examination. We also offer exam crash courses for GCSE students, as well as those about to take their SATs, plus we also have an incredibly popular creative writing crash course. All exam crash courses are taught by experienced tutors, and offer the same guarantee of high quality and excellent standards.

We realise that the need to attend an exam crash course can often be a last minute thing, however we encourage anyone with an interest in one of these courses to book as early as possible, so as to avoid disappointment. To make a booking, simply call or email us today.