The Eleven Plus is a crucial stage in many children’s lives, and is also the first time that they will have experienced the pressure that goes with an important examination. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that your child is perfectly prepared for the exam, armed with all of the knowledge and confidence they need in order to succeed.

While school teachers undoubtedly do a fantastic job preparing their pupils for the Eleven Plus exam, they sometimes aren’t able to give the individual care and attention to a child that they need. This is where we come in. Our Eleven Plus program is designed to specifically help your child achieve their potential in their Eleven Plus exam, and therefore gain entry into their first choice secondary school. We ensure this using a variety of methods, all of which come together to create an innovative, exciting and educational experience for your child.

The Eleven Plus comes in a number of different forms: verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and mathematics. At AceXL, we have tutors experienced in both of these areas, who know exactly what a child needs to know in order to pass these tests with flying colours. These tutors are also comprehensively vetted before working with your child, so you can be sure that they’ll be learning in a completely safe environment. We will also keep in regular contact with parents of children studying with us, providing them with detailed updates on their progress, as well as sharing any concerns that we might have.

So, how do we go about educating your child for their Eleven Plus exam? Well, we believe that every child is different, so we use a variety of approaches in order to engage and educate them. It could be that your child works better using books, or it could be that your child prefers learning using multimedia tools. Furthermore, your child might learn better in a classroom environment, or could alternatively benefit from one-to-one tuition with an experienced tutor. Whatever your child’s specific needs are, we will do everything to accommodate them.

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Eleven Plus is when a child should begin studying with us. The answer really depends on the child, however we always recommend that they work with us for at least a year prior to the exams, in order to give them the time needed to become confident in the subjects. Starting early will also allow us time to identify any areas that need improving, and then remedy them. After all, just a single mark could be the difference between your child reaching the school they want to or not, so every moment we can spend with them is precious.

To find out more about the Eleven Plus tuition offered by AceXL, you can call or email us. Don’t leave it too late to book a place for your child though, as this tuition course is one of the most popular courses at AceXL, and therefore becomes full incredibly quickly.