11+ Crash Course

Dates: Monday 12th August 2019 – Friday 16th August 2019

Location: Edgbaston Golf Club, 25 Church Rd, Birmingham, B15 3TB

Time: 9am-3pm

Book now by calling us on 0121 794 0549 or alternatively email us on info@acexl.com


What to expect from the AceXL 11+ Crash Course

Each year approximately 5000 students compete for a place at the grammar school of their choice; with a limited number of spaces, students face a significant challenge. Each individual is expected to out perform his or her peer, all of whom have prepared relentlessly for the big day. With AceXL’s 11+ crash course, you too can ensure your child is given the edge they need to succeed.

Our crash course is very bespoke in relation to our other courses as the main focus is gaining maximum exposure to exam style questions, speed training and exam language. By focusing on these key areas just before the exam your child will not face any surprises whilst sitting in the exam hall under the time pressure. 

With the use of our online 11+ platforms, students will be set individualised homework targeting their weaker areas and reinforcing everything learnt throughout the day. The data drawn from these platforms will play a key role in the content delivered to students during the one on one sessions granted to them on the course.

AceXL’s 11+ crash course is designed to ensure your child gets the results they deserve, by using highly engaging techniques and strategies, your child is able to thrive in a safe and challenging environment. 

Preparing your child for the 11+ entrance exam is AceXL’s priority, which is why all students will sit TWO full CEM style 11+ papers under examination conditions; mentally preparing them for the big day.

Parents will receive a comprehensive report in addition to the daily feedback sessions with our tutors. The report will highlight the key strengths and weaknesses of the child but also recommendations from the tutors on how to progress further over the forthcoming weeks leading up to the exam.

The 11+ Crash Course is designed to cover the entire syllabus over the 5 day period making it intensive but rewarding. The day will start at 9 am and end at 3 pm with small breaks in between. Below is a timetable of the typical day on the 11+ Crash Course.

AceXL is committed to your child’s success and this goes beyond the course. Our tutors will be available at all times for any advice or guidance you may need. We are also affording each child the opportunity to continue practicing on our 11+ platforms up until the big day.

Please note this course is extremely popular and is almost fully booked.

Book now by calling us on 0121 794 0549 or alternatively schedule a call back by clicking here.