Can you answer these english grammar school entrance exam questions from the 1940s and 50s?


1. If December 1 falls on Friday, on what day will Christmas Day fall that year?

2. How many seconds are there between 11.53 am and 12.18 pm the same day?

3. A man bought 500 lettuce plants and after planting 12 rows with the same number in each, he had 32 left over. How many were in each row?

4. Add a prefix to each of the following to make its meaning the opposite of what it is now: regular, capable, sense, legal, concerned

5. In a test, Nan got two more marks than Jill and three marks less than Susan:

(a) Who got most marks?

(b) If Susan got fifteen marks, how many did Jill get?

Answers will be posted soon!

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