Our Expertise

At AceXL, we’re experts in exam preparation, helping huge numbers of students in the UK to get the results they both need and deserve.

Whether you’re studying for your 11+ or for GCSE exams, we have the experience needed to guide you, using expert tuition and mock examinations. Whether you work with us at our tuition centres across the West Midlands or in a one-to-one capacity, you can be sure that we have the tools and skills needed to give your grades the boost that they need.

Tailored Tuition

AceXL offers a unique one to one tuition program, perfectly tailored with distinction.

Exam Crash Courses

Intensive courses designed to stimulate and challenge your child.

Mock Examinations

We help prepare young confident professionals ready for any situation.

Tuition Centres

Friendly weekly classes used to support your child’s education and increase confidence.

Why AceXL?

There are many reasons for choosing AceXL, but one stands out above the rest: we put all of our effort into every student we teach, giving them the exact tuition they need. This effort clearly pays dividends, as our students are some of the most successful in the area, enjoying great grades from the 11+ through to their GCSEs.


Grammar schools

Independent research carried out on the schools which make up the Birmingham consortium.



Research indicates that there are approximately 4975 applicants applying for grammar schools within the Birmingham consortium.


Acceptance rate (%)

It was found that only 995 applicants were successful from the 4975 that applied.


AceXL success rate (%)

The above success rate was subject to children starting tuition from year 4 up to the 11 Plus exam.

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